Digital Tale of Geometric Shapes


stage design

programming engineer - Akos Szilagyi
visuals by - Andrea Sztojánovits
photos by - Mehrlicht, Jean-Paul Berthoin, David Bacsa

Audio-visual stage design for the live electronic band Mïus with the collaboration of Attaray Visual. A geomteric composition of direct and indirect lights controlled by the instrument on stage through MIDI signals.

"This is a journey to a timeless audiovisual microcosmos...
...when you see your inside light, in that world the audiovisual journey begins which drives you across organic shapes with white circles to the digital fields where there is full moon and your breath begins to slow down; you hear the deep sound and see the resonance in the air.

You are in the relax zone.

In this abstract universe the sound and lights are melted together in a geometric organ."

A/V shows:

20180512 Akvarium Klub, Budapest
20171230 Akvarium Klub, Budapest
20170617 Tilos Maraton, Durer kert, Budapest
20170528 Splice Festival, Rich Mix, London (UK)
20170324 Ludwig Museum, Budapest
20161104 Telekom Electronic Beats Festival, Budapest
20161022 A38, Budapest
20160528 ROM 2016, MuSzi, Budapest
20160414 A38, Budapest
20160220 A38, Budapest
20151211 Toldi mozi, Budapest