house - built

interior collaborator - Agnes Bubla
photos by - Balazs Danyi

Alsovaros is an old district of Szeged. After the big flood in 1879 this part of the city was redesigned and rebuilt with the housing types called "sunshine houses". The typical front-gabled houses with centrally boarded fronts imitating sun-ray. The result was a rhythmic building line of the streets with their siting perpendicular to the roads.
Decades ago the new regulations called for a closed street line with a minimal building height in order to get a more urban character. The result is a characterless, low-level  and monotonous street view, only few old buildings remained so far.
The law is the same, however this new house in the "Arrow" street wanted to bring back the more human scale with the old characters rephrased in a modern architectural language. A simple white house, where the human eye can rest among the jungle of styles and shapes. The notion of the sunshine house is brought back with a sun-court allowing the possibility of front-gabled elevations and the old rhythm of the streets. The house has a dual behavior: it is closed to the chaotic street, but opened inside for a sunny, transparent space.