Eco vinyl packaging


product design

photos by: Zsofia Jurassza

The audio vinyl record production is not the most environmentally friendly manufacture at the moment. However the vinyl records are all-time valuable products, the factories are using the same plastic material (polyvinyl chloride) since the '40s. Start-up innovations are existing focusing on recycled materials, but no eco-friendly solution with reasonable manufacturing cost has been developed for the audio plates yet.
However the packaging could me more eco-efficient by using our new folding technic. We call it "envelope sleeve". This folded sleeve saves 3 times more paper waste compared to Jacket LP sleeves. Especially when it comes to double-vinyl, the envelope sleeve saves 6 times more paper, which would go to waste, and two pieces can be cut out from the same sheet instead of one Gatefold sleeve.
Important to note that Envelope sleeve does not use any glue, and can be made out of recycled paper against the big factory offers.